Everywhere DAO
May 19, 2022

Introducing Everywhere DAO


The creative services industry needs a creative renaissance

The traditional creative agency model isn’t dead, but it’s suffering – and for good reason. From shrinking margins to a steady exodus of talent, it’s no longer the cutting-edge environment for commercial arts it once was.

Empowered by new ways of working, many of the industry’s best people have opted to pursue their own path in search of greater freedom, ownership and opportunity.

This has created an informal, yet thriving network of the brightest minds in the business. Meanwhile, new models have also emerged in the form of communities, collectives and marketplaces, fostering deeper talent/client relationships and creating greater value. 

Still, challenges remain

Many struggle to navigate the freelance landscape, constantly hustling to find the next project. Connectors, who create significant value for both agencies and clients, aren’t seeing full (or sometimes any) benefit for their effort. Few, if any, solutions exist to support and advance creative professionals, especially for next generation talent.

Time to (re)organize

Making the most of this changing landscape and empowering the increasing number of professionals living in it requires more than an updated business model. 

In the new creative economy, collaboration is key – and a more open platform for connecting, cooperating, and creating is needed.

Enter Everywhere DAO

Everywhere DAO is a global creative network owned and run by its members. It’s a unique space for creatives to connect, collaborate, and shape the future of the industry, together.

Connectors, more accustomed to receiving a “thank you” for their service, can finally see more benefits from the relationships they create.

Collaborators can expect more rewarding partnerships, built on relationships and curated communities that provide deeper, more personal experiences. 

Most of all, Everywhere DAO is a platform for those who are passionate about the future of the industry – a venue to discuss ideas and launch new projects to improve the state of the industry, and the lives of its many members.

More than an Agency DAO

While it seems like everything is turning into a ‘DAO’ these days, we feel it’s particularly relevant for the wider creative community. By introducing equitable distribution of ownership and influence, DAOs have the potential to bring a cohesive element and guiding influence to a fractured and rapidly changing creative services industry.

An agency pivoting toward a DAO is one thing, but the opportunity is much bigger. Truly fulfilling this potential means moving away from the agency model entirely, to define a new creative economy that will see benefit delivered more broadly and appropriately:

For Creatives

Creatives stand to benefit from an entirely new experience in how they work, including:

  • Flows of opportunities that pay well – streamlining the search for work. 
  • High-value, curated connections – built on networks of trusted relationships.
  • Long-term value creation – driven by the DAO’s community ownership model.
  • A community that supports your growth – tapping into a network of creators.

For Connectors

Connectors, the entrepreneurs who help others find work & talent, stand to:

  • Expand their business – leveraging new streams of opportunities and value.
  • Capture more of the value they create - gaining greater ownership and upside. 
  • Align teams and partners – introducing shared incentives around common goals.
  • Solidify their reputation – opening access to the best talent and partners. 

For Clients

Clients ensure that whoever they partner with to build their brand and business will find the best team for the job, surface the most original ideas, drive bigger breakthroughs and innovations, and create the greatest impact.

For You

Together, we can create a future for the industry that serves the individuals and teams of creators, and not the agency.


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